Lighting Your Art Collection

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC has been designing environmentally-friendly lighting systems worldwide for over 20 years. Each project is unique and approached individually: reviewing, analyzing, conceiving, designing and custom building lighting solutions with a sensitivity toward contemporary and traditional architecture for new and existing spaces. All systems are custom designed, crafted and built as timeless, maintenance-free solutions for the particular interior or exterior space. SLLD’s products are built to last. In fact, many projects include lifetime components extending sustainability well into the future. Devoid of all harmful ultraviolet and infrared heat at output, SLLD’s groundbreaking lighting system —The Newport Flyer—enhances the beauty of the fine artwork while protecting its integrity for future generations. This patented, SL-150 fiber optic lightsource uses energy conserving metal halide technology to convert 168 watts of primary electrical power into 12,500 lumens of light in the visible spectrum. All infrared and ultraviolet frequencies are removed at the source thereby creating heat-less and maintenance-free illumination via custom-made fused common end technology glass fiber optic harnesses.
At the heart of our systems, the patented Newport Flyer®

Creating elegant, custom designed, environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

  • Public and Private Fine Art Collections
  • Fine Art Collecions
  • Archiectural Spaces and Fine Interiors
  • Historic Homes, Landmarks and Yacht Interiors
  • Museum and Gallery Collections
  • Skylights and Stained Glass Windows
  • Statuary, Landscapes and Gardens
  • Antique and Art Exhibitions
  • Historic and Literary Archives
  • Special Indoor and Outdoor Events
“We trust the lighting of our works of art to Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC because they are simply the best in the business.” David Tunick David Tunick, Inc.

Eco-Smart Solutions

Each of our output fittings is hand turned from solid non-ferrous metal and terminated in a ground – camera quality – optical glass lens that is capable of focal and directional adjustment. Whether illuminating an outdoor space (e.g. garden, terrace, pool, outdoor kitchen and dining room, statuary, monument, architectural feature or building facade) or an intimate indoor space (e.g. private art collection, library or archive), The Newport Flyer™ is a far superior choice – due to the fact it requires no maintenance and experiences no electrical or mechanical deterioration for the life of the system – often replacing conventional tungsten halogen, low voltage or LED systems. The SL-150 is available in fully dimmable format via a commercially available lighting control system or SLLD’s own dimming protocol. Color temperature of the light is unaffected by dimming giving a true and balanced projection of the light spectrum with a CRI of 96. All components within the system are fully recyclable.
An example of our custom made fittings in brass and nickel.
“Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC transformed our already exquisite home into an extraordinarily captivating gallery.” Philip M. Bilden, Managing Director HarbourVest Partners (Asia) Ltd, Central, Hong Kong