About Us & Our Philosophy

American designer Sandra Liotus and British engineer Sir David Crampton-Barden are the creative team behind the Newport, R.I.-based custom lighting design firm Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD). Blending their expertise to create innovative lighting solutions, this pioneering duo has developed the art world’s most sophisticated eco-friendly custom lighting system. Building trust with our clients is key. Entrusting us to make the best decisions on lighting for their home and valuable art collections. Each project is a wonderful challenge. The goal is to design the space so that the art and interiors becomes the star and that the art is safely illuminated without harmful elements of light (Ultra Violet and Infrared Heat). The lighting fixtures blend away so that the collections and fine furnishing are what is noticed in a most elegant and natural fashion. The clarity of our lighting is like no other so that the art and textures are read perfectly. Lighting is key to every environment and is just as important to an interior as the fine finishes and decoration that has been carefully curated. If the space is not lit properly without a balance and sensitivity in design, the expensive, carefully planned interiors will look common place. Sharing a profound attention to detail, while combining their expert knowledge of engineering and design, this talented duo forges bespoke lighting systems as unique as the fine artwork itself. Download our corporate profile
Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden in their Newport Rhode Island workshop. Photograph by Nat Rea
“What I most appreciate about the installation is Sandra Liotus’ attention to client wishes (technical and aesthetic), their broad knowledge of lighting design issues and equipment, their professional manner, and their personal graciousness.” Dennis Marnon, Administrative Director Houghton Library at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts