Illumination that in itself is a work of art.
Trust that's earned by clients around the world.
Bespoke solutions where no two are alike.

Protect your valuable art collections and investments.

Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC (SLLD) is a Newport, Rhode Island based specialist lighting design practice who custom design, engineer and implement bespoke environmentally friendly lighting solutions. SLLD have over the last two decades become international masters of effective, sustainable lighting solutions for the most exacting projects worldwide.

Lighting is key to every environment and is just as important to an interior as the fine finishes and decoration that has been carefully curated. If the space is not lit properly without a balance and sensitivity in design, the expensive, carefully planned interiors will look common place.

Specialties include lighting valuable art collections using their own custom built systems. The two principals of the business, Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden, possess over 60 years combined experience in custom lighting design and engineering.

With their wealth of experience SLLD become part of the design team, working closely with clients; top art collectors; art advisors; architects; interior designers; client representatives; construction managers; art dealers; conservators; curators; high-end general contractors and custom builders. New construction and post construction retrofits; no project is too small or too large.

Private art collection. Photograph by Ralph Toporoff
Private art collection. Photograph by Ralph Toporoff
Image courtesy of Stibling & Associates/Michael Weinstein
Private art collection. Photograph by Ralph Toporoff
“I have never worked with anyone as pleasant and cooperative as Sandra and Sir David. They have been most professional in their planning and installation of the lighting of Mr. Rockefeller's valuable art collection.” Bertha Saunders Long-time Curator for the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collections