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The Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA) is a non-profit membership organization of the world’s leading fine art advisors, curators and corporate art curators. With more than 170 independent art advisors from 31 cities practicing in multiple areas of specialization, the APAA’s membership of well-established professionals has a wide range of experience and expertise in their chosen fields. Founded in 1980, the APAA is the only standard-setting organization for the practice of art advisory and is dedicated to promoting standards of connoisseurship, scholarship and ethical practice in the profession. APAA members are recognized experts in their fields and are committed to promoting the value of art in the public and private sectors. As advisors, we are objective advocates who work solely in the best interests of our clients. Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC embraces the values of the APAA community and is honored to be part of this global community and share in their goals to foster excellence in art collections, collectors and their care.

Chubb Personal Insurance

Masterpiece® Protection Network Preferred Provider

The Chubb Masterpiece Protection Network: The protection provided to works of art by The Newport Flyer™, along with Sandra Liotus Lighting Designs high standards of service and careful attention to detail, has earned the firm a valued spot in the Chubb Insurance Masterpiece Protection Network, a coveted imprimatur of Chubb’s preferred serviced providers. As the premier global insurer of fine homes, autos, yachts and other valuables including art collections, Chubb’s professional recommendation of SLLD to its policy holders, particularly those who own and collect fine art work, is quantifiable testimony to the worldwide esteem and reputation SLLD’s lighting solutions, designed for the ultimate appreciation and long-term conservation of the art investment, has garnered for these American entrepreneurs.

Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club launches new publication and Sandra Liotus Lighting Design is proud to have been invited into its pages.

August 18, 2018—The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club is gearing up for its Annual Meet at The Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe. A week of luxury has been planned for the members, who will also come together to celebrate the launch of the club’s new publication, Strive for Perfection, produced in partnership with publisher St James’s House. The hardback, coffee–table book will be of the highest quality, and explores the living legacy of the world’s most famous luxury motorcar, Rolls-Royce. Profiling models old and new, the book celebrates the company’s unceasing pursuit of excellence—an ethos that earned Rolls-Royce the status of “best car in the world”. The annual publication also serves as a carefully curated guide to some of the most must-have products and experiences in the world, ranging from jewelry to travel, gastronomy to architecture. This year’s book features the finest collection yet, and many of these exclusive names and brands will be exhibiting at the event on August 18. Speaking ahead of the launch, Richard Freed, the CEO and owner of St James’s House, said, “We are extremely proud of the publication and honoured to be working alongside such exceptional companies and organizations on the project.” Read Our Article

The Art of Collecting

For my book, The Art of Collecting, An Intimate Tour Inside Private Art Collections, with Advice on Starting Your Own, I have included 23 interviews with a variety of fascinating collectors, and 15 essays on topics in collecting. For the essay on lighting, I asked Sandra Liotus and Sir David Crampton-Barden, of Sandra Liotus Lighting Design to participate in the book by telling the readers about their unique lighting system. "As an author, art dealer and advisor, I realize the importance of lighting art work properly, and consider their company to offer the most exquisite, revolutionary, state of the art lighting. Collectors and curators will benefit greatly from reading about this beautiful method of lighting art work." — Diane McManus Jensen

The Kennedy Green House

Robin Wilson is a nationally recognized eco-friendly and healthy home interior designer focused on the 'foundation to the furniture.' Industry insiders describe her style as 'classic with a modern touch' with a focus on sustainable, reusable, recyclable and non-toxic options. She founded her firm in 2000 "The Sandra Liotus Lighting Design team was an amazing partner to work with on the Kennedy Green House. From an early site inspection to multiple meetings, they are able to provide innovative solutions and ideas that take your project from concept to reality... it is unbelievable to see how the technology is so efficient, yet beautiful. We will absolutely continue to specify their custom design services and solutions for other projects..." — Robin Wilson

Design New England

Writes Jill Connors – "In a gesture that once captures the seriousness with which they take their work, and their awareness of the power of perception, lighting specialists Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden don starched white lab coats on their job sites."

What our clients
are saying about us.

“The lighting design created by Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC made an enormous difference in the installation of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros collection at her residence. The new lighting system enhances the intrinsic values of each painting, sculpture and drawing, highlighting their colors and textures. The fiber optic fixtures make a remarkable lighting, well focused and soft, fit for high or low ceilings, large or small works. The system also creates an ambient lighting throughout the space and does not built up any heat, which is excellent for the conservation of the artworks. I strongly recommend the installation of Sandra Liotus Lighting Design for important art collections.” — Guillermo Ovalle, Registrar for Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection “I can recommend Sandra & David 100 percent, with no reservations. They're extremely thorough & careful. Their fiber-optic fixtures are great-looking. The installation of lights in the antiquities cabinet was kind of tricky and they came up with an ingenious solution. Upkeep is minimal.” — Mitchell Lichtenstein, Actor and Writer, Greenwich Village, New York City. “We can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate the marvelous work that you did for our lighting. It has transformed the appearance of the pictures and cabinets to an extent that we could hardly have anticipated. You are truly masters of your craft and the best team we have ever worked with.” — Martin and Kathleen Murphy, Private Collectors met at TEFAF, Richmond, VA “We are old master art dealers. The Liotus/Crampton-Barden Team have put the lighting for our stands at two of the most important art fairs in our business: the Art Dealers Association of America Art Show at the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue in New York City and at TEFAF in Maastricht (Holland). The results in both instances were the most highly effective installations in our 30 years of participation in international art fairs. It enhanced the art enormously, and our colleagues as well as our clients, including museum professionals noticed the difference right away.” — David Tunick, David Tunick Inc., New York City, New York. “Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC” worked on two important public exhibitions which took place in New York City and they were immensely successful in no small measure due to the excellence of the lighting installations. Several major Museums brought their staff to see what could be done and how well and in every respect it was an outstanding and dazzling success. The whole project was also importantly accomplished with no delays and with great professionalism. I highly recommend their services”. — Robin Symes, Director of Robin Symes Limited, London, England. “We are thrilled with the outcome and a lot of this has to do with the magnificent lighting you did. It was hard to make the decision to spend the money on one item, but it was worth every nickel!” — Alan and Janice Granby, Hyland Granby Antiques, Cape Cod, Newport, RI and NYC “The admirable Sandra and David, who did so much to light so brilliantly and so beautifully, and so carefully, a garden designed by the famous Diana Balmori.” — Nicolas Scheetz, Newport, Rhode Island “I am very pleased to be able to recommend Liotus Lighting Design without any hesitation. I have worked with a number of design firms over the past 17 years here at Harvard University and can think of no other company that was as impressive. They listened to our needs, understood our problems and recognized our budget constraints, responding with a lighting plan that has greatly enhanced one of the most impressive meeting rooms here at the college.” — Scott Hayward, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Kirkland House, Harvard University “Sandra and David are wonderful to work with; we can’t say enough good things about them. They say precisely how much the installation will cost and they don’t overrun their estimate. They deliver on what they promise. These people are out of this world and a joy to work with.” — Nancy and Bill Zeitler, Jamestown, Rhode Island “Sandra and David were available and responsive to the need for constant refinement, client presentations, prototyping, and communication in general. This combination of positive attributes, plus their technical knowledge and sensitivity to aesthetics makes it easy for me to recommend them without qualification.” — Stuart Silver, Exhibit Designer for the New York Yacht Club and a onetime Director of Design for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. “Sandra and David devoted a great deal of time, thought, concern and expertise to devise a series of extremely clever solutions to our lighting needs. These systems have been aesthetically superb, price efficient and relatively low maintenance. And of especial concern to us, the systems were well installed with minimal impact on the delicate historic materials of our home.” — Margaret Franklin, Boston, Massachusetts. “Sandra and David are always courteous, helpful, professional, and very effective. On numerous occasions they have given us valuable advice on lighting decisions as well as coming to our aid when we required some technical assistance. They have our unconditional recommendation as the best lighting design experts as well as being of the best character. In short, it has been a joy to have Sandra Liotus Lighting Design as part of our team. Above and beyond their obvious technological expertise have been endless good cheer and an unfailing sympathy to both us and to our architectural challenges.” — Barry Goldman, Boston, Massachusetts. “Sandra and David were a delight to work with. They are professional, meticulous, committed to a quality product and very much care about how best to light and enhance a client's collection. As a designer I love the small, chic and unobtrusive fixtures that provide such lovely lighting.” — Patrick Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher Decoratives & Design, Inc., CT & NYC “Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC transformed our already exquisite home into an extraordinarily captivating gallery. Their fiber lighting systems shed new light on our beloved art and furnishings. We appreciate the colors and clarity of our paintings all the more as a result. Our original objective in utilizing SLLD systems was to find art-safe lighting with zero UV emissions and heat to preserve works over a century in age. The unintended outcome of their system was to realize a materially discernable difference in the visual clarity of our paintings, sculptures, and architectural detailing. We are grateful that we discovered SLLD through members of the Art Committee of the New York Yacht Club, where SLLD did historically sensitive work for the NYYC Model Room displays. SLLD Principals, Sandra and David, oversaw all aspects of the design and installation in a highly professional, responsive manner. Their team is client-friendly, non-invasive, and able to work well with an existing construction team, as was the case in our renovation of Verbena. We have recommended SLLD with great conviction to our friends and art professionals for safeguarding and enhancing treasured paintings and artwork. Let there be light....” — Philip M. Bilden, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners (Asia) Ltd, Central, Hong Kong “Two years ago we saw Sandra Liotus Lighting Design installation at David Rockefeller’s home. We knew immediately how advanced this lighting system was. We contacted David and Sandra and our journey began. They visited with us in our home and they explained in great detail the Glass Fiber Optic lighting system that they created. Our experience with Sandra and David has been the most positive and professional from the moment we met them. The installation was efficient and was completed in the time frame that we had been told. We have worked in the arts and have renovated both a home and an apartment. This experience with Sandra and David has been enjoyable and unlike any we have ever had. Their consistent and superb attention to details and their reliability has been exceptional. They honor their word and have ethics. They have surpassed our expectations in every way. To this day Sandra and David continue to stop over and make sure that we are happy with the system and always offer to be of assistance.” — Alicia and Norman Volk, Private Residence in Museum Tower, New York City, NY “It is a pleasure working with Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC- both Sandra and David bring such a professionalism and knowledge to their work. We are thrilled to be able to offer their services to our top clients, to have a small installation in our gallery that allows us to share this profound new fine art-lighting technology, and to be their representatives in the US. From the first consultation through to completion and beyond they are attentive and thoughtful regarding all the details. From creative suggestions for complex lighting needs, to careful planning during the construction and installation phases they demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of the client without sacrificing quality. Their optical-quality light sources are beautifully made to their specifications and attentive adjustments to the lights once installed insure that artworks being illuminated are shown to best advantage. SLLD lighting takes good collections and allows them to become spectacular through perfect lighting.” — Eli Wilner & Company, New York, NY “I have never worked with two more professional and excellent people. We have worked together on several projects lighting stained glass, and there is simply no one in the lighting industry that approaches the high bar of their work. Not only is the quality high but they stand behind the work and the people they work with. I did a job with them lighting four windows in Greenville SC. After the stained glass was installed over the lighting the client decided they wanted the windows to be brighter. Sandra and David immediately had more fixtures made, flew down to the site and met me to install them. Working straight through the day without a break we removed all of the stained glass and frames, they added more lighting components and we put it all back together. The client was thrilled with the results. Furthermore, Sandra and David had a few extra hand blown fixtures that were made in case of breakage and upon discovering that the church needed lighting in a window they had not remembered to put in the contract, they gave the spare equipment to the client to light that window as well. I consider David and Sandra to be the best when it comes to lighting stained glass. I have been in the business of color both as a fine artist and stained glass fabricator for 35 years. I have worked with many other lighting experts, even some in the stained glass business themselves, but I have never seen color rendered as true as by Liotus' systems. I look forward to our next job together.” — Rick Prigg, General Manager and Artist, Willet Hauser Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “The admirable Sandra and David, who did so much to light so brilliantly and so beautifully, and so carefully, a garden designed by the famous Diana Balmori. It wasn't easy, but it worked out according to Diana's plan so very splendidly. Ms. Balmori was amazed at what they did, as am I, as well as all who view it by night. Sandra and David are such talented people, hugely knowledgeable, possessed with fabulous contacts in their chosen business throughout the world. I was honored that they worked with me on my small but important garden, which graces one of the most remarkable 18th century houses in Rhode Island.” — Nicholas B. Scheetz, Newport, Rhode Island “The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich has worked with Sandra Liotus Lighting Design for more than seven years. If the response of our visitor is any indication of the quality of their work, they get top marks. The decision at our National Historic Landmark site was to maintain historic lighting—candles and kerosene lamps. This meant that Liotus Lighting had to work within the historic structure threading all necessary wiring carefully and as inconspicuously as possible. It did, however, leave many of the room’s dark, as they would have been, and thus visitors were unable to see some of the paintings. Recently Liotus Lighting returned to install fiber optic lighting. So subtlety was this done that our visitor has no idea of the source of the light. It has brought many of our paintings to life without destroying the historic lighting of the room. As important, however, as the quality of their work and the concern of the historic site, is the guarantee of their work. On those rare instances when a problem or question has arisen, they have gone out of their way to answer over the phone or by email, and if all else fails, they have come to the site. It has been my pleasure to work with them and I look forward to future lighting projects with Sandra Liotus Lighting Design.” — Karen L. Frederick, Curator of Museum Collections, The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, Bush-Holley Historic Site “We moved in yesterday and now with everything in place we are so excited about the apartment I cannot begin to tell you. We are thrilled with the outcome and a lot of this has to do with the magnificent lighting you did. It was hard to make the decision to spend the money on one item, but it was worth every nickel. Thank you for everything. You are talented and creative and so easy to work with and all the people you bring with you it was such a very positive experience for all of us.” — Alan and Janice Granby, Hyland Granby Antiques, Cape Cod, Newport, RI and NYC. “Several years ago we read an article about the work of Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC and requested an appointment to meet with them about lighting our art collections. Principals, Sandra Liotus and David Crampton-Barden met with us and described and demonstrated to us what they do and also introduced us to other clients who have worked with them. We were very impressed with what we saw in other client homes. Sandra and David designed wonderful and safe art lighting for our collections in our Narragansett, Rhode Island property. We were so satisfied with the results and their commitment and friendly service to us that we commissioned them to design lighting for our home in Boston. The results are outstanding! Sandra and David and their team worked very well with our contractors and got the job done within the time frame required and budget promised. We are very pleased with everything they have done for us.” — Suzanne and Terry Murray, Retired CEO “From our first consultation through the completion of the project, Sandra and David were true professionals! Their custom design and expertise in the lighting industry are truly unique. It far exceeded my expectations in every way- the fiber optic lighting illuminates perfectly against the ceiling, walls and art, which creates a beautiful clean, bright, crisp effect. And when called upon for the minimal required maintenance, they are always very responsive, promptly returning my calls or emailing me to schedule an appointment. I would highly recommend Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC for a project that requires perfection in the details and a product that will enhance your surroundings. They deliver a superior product!!” — Mark Walerstein, Private Residence in the Time Warner AOL Building “Your work is fantastic! Everyone is amazed and delighted. Personally it is a dream come true. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time for our project. The exquisitely beautiful light you have provided Children's National Medical Center with was truly made from love. But what you cannot see is that your pure light also allows our radiologists to have clearer pictures of our nations' precious children. This will allow for better diagnosis and give an advantage to the health of our children. That being said I will take the voice of those and express yet again sincere gratitude on behalf of the children and from me as well.” — Dr. Stanley Fricke, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC “I have worked with Sandra and David for many years. They are a wonderful team with the most innovative solutions. I first brought them in on a Hilton Hotel Property in NYC I had several challenges with the lighting; I was determined to provide my clients energy saving solutions and a lot of ambience. I did not want to specify the typical lighting scenarios. From the moment Liotus Designs were on board they offered a complete turnkey service. They worked with my staff and others on the project team very well. The client appreciated their commitment and service during the construction process. It was a very large project that kept growing. The results were magnificent. The attention to detailing every item was apparent. The project won many awards and I attribute the lighting as one of the best features in the space. I would highly recommend this firm for all my projects. From residential to hospitality they achieve with very special results. We have partnered on other projects. My clients are very happy with their services. They make my projects shine.” — Susan Arann, Interior Designer, American & International Designs Inc. “We used Sandra Liotus Lighting Design, LLC for the expansion of our Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island. We created a Restaurant & Cabaret Room, called Lorenzo’s which also has a private party room called the Wine Room. Also created was the Lobby Lounge area, with a private dining room called the Fountain Room. We were so pleased with the lighting in all of these areas, that we even used it in our existing Trevi Garden and Tea House Garden. Sandra Liotus Lighting Design team were always professional, courteous and provided a quality product; they were a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Sandra Liotus Lighting Design without reservation.” — Lois and Richard Nicotra, Owners, Hilton Garden Inn, Staten Island, NY